Aircraft Manufacturers Flight Training Association


Aircraft Manufacturers Flight Training Association (AMFTA) is an independent non-profit organization comprised of commercial aviation manufacturers of FAR/CS25 of more than 19 seats, all represented by their respective Heads of Training or designated representatives.

The purpose of this association is to develop and provide recommendations regarding flight training and training-related operations that intend to enhance flight safety and global competency for current and future pilots/flight crews, with an aim to harmonize flight training standards globally.

We are dedicated to supporting the aviation industry to enhance the safe and efficient operation of commercial aircraft.


Mission statement

“To enhance global flight safety by providing unified recommendations for flight training.”


AMFTA was launched by founder Capt. Jean-Michel Bigarré from Airbus, as part of a global reflection in addressing the diversity of worldwide flight training standards and with the aim to harmonize worldwide flight training levels.
Boeing representatives Capt. Carl Davis and Mark Albert, co-founders, joined forces to promote enhanced flight training practices and implement a global harmonized flight training model.
Additional commercial airline manufacturers joined AMFTA in its first year of operation: COMAC represented by Capt. Jin Yibin and Embraer represented by Capt. Fabiano Cypel.
AMFTA intends to continue to grow in membership and focus on issues related to aviation training and safety globally.

AMFTA is a nonprofit, nonstock corporation organized pursuant to the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware, U.S.A and whose principle office is located in Washington DC.